Maryland Aerial Video Rises

Drones, drones and more drones. We seen and heard about them in the news for a while now. Seems like the secret is out and more and more people in DC MD and VA are flying drones. While the hobbyist phenomenon is relatively new, filmmakers and video production companies have been using these tools in creative ways for years. The technology has made it easier for lay people to fly. With that comes responsibility. While the amazing video of drones flying through fireworks displays and over city skylines multiplies, there is a safety factor to contend with.

Use Licensed Video Production Companies

There are plenty of reputable production companies in DC, MD and VA, as well as individual operators that can help with aerial video services. Using trained professionals is a safe bet. Not only are you getting quality footage and services but also peace of mind that productions are insured. Very important. Power lines, bird strikes, aircraft, people and public spaces are all things to be considered when aerial video is needed. Also, simply having the experience to protect your investment is a consideration too. Drones and professional aerial videography platforms are not cheap. Nor are the cameras that are mounted to them.

Aerial Videography Uses

  • Aerial Surveying
  • Filmmaking
  • TV News Applications
  • Real Estate
  • Security
  • Sports/Events
  • Golf Courses/Resorts
  • Tourism


Aerial Video Value

We all want value in our productions. marketing efforts and advertising platforms. Aerial video can breathe new life into high end real estate projects, construction, government and other applications. Attaining new perspectives is what videography and photography is all about. Whether is a quick three shot run or a full on-site aerial documentation, our experienced team is ready to assist both in the planning and execution of your project. Foundation Digital Media’s aerial video and photography services offer a unique and impressive way to market, advertise and promote. Whether for the web, broadcast or corporate uses, our aerial video and photography can add incredible production value to any project.