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An Emmy Award-Winning Event Promotional Marketing Video Production Company in Maryland

Videos have become the preferred form of content for countless consumers. Internet users in the U.S. watch an average of 1 hour 16 minutes of video on digital devices every day and 10 year old YouTube has firmly established itself as one of the most popular websites in the world, and the most powerful video hosting platform.


Psychologists and analysts continue to examine answers about why videos have become so popular. For businesses, however, the question is not why videos are important, but how to leverage them to grow the brand.


For promotional marketing video production, companies want to turn to a video production team in Maryland that has the experience and tools needed to produce the desired result of engagement. Foundational Digital Media answers that need.

Why Choose Our Promotional Video Marketing Company In Maryland?

Our Promotional Video Marketing Services Are Trusted By Some of Maryland’s Most Valued Businesses.

Video Delivers

Most people today have the equipment to make a standard video between their phones and computers. To properly interest customers, however, a video needs to demonstrate professionalism. Videos with poor sound and lighting quality will lose viewers and fail to accomplish the objective. These inexperienced productions tend to be difficult to follow and can even damage a customer’s impression of the company.


Foundation Digital Media understands the need for high production value and offers an assortment of services and personnel.



Our experienced promotional video producers in Maryland can help companies produce products that demonstrate the same quality videos that are seen from major brand names. Additions, such as animation, that can be used to better express the brand personality and message can also be easily included in a video.

Videos are Easy to Use

Since videos can help consumers increase their understanding of a company’s products and services by up to 74 percent, it makes sense to use them a number of different situations.


  • They might serve well on the company website as a part of an introduction to the brand
  • They can be uploaded to YouTube to take advantage of the biggest video watching site in the world
  • They can be used during pitches, presentations, and seminars to boost engagement


Since videos are an investment, many smaller brands plan on producing a video that can be used for several years. Given the variety of needs for a company video, brands want to ensure that the finished product will be easily transferable.

Choose an Expert

Foundation Digital Media makes it simple to use a promotional marketing video in a variety of situations.

Brands can then secure the product in the format that will be the most useful and convenient for them. Contact us to learn more.

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