Upload LinkedIn Video

Just this year LinkedIn Video was introduced as a new native feature. It was rolled out on LinkedIn’s mobile app in July, which means you can create or upload a LinkedIn Video right from your smartphone.   

Facebook and other social media sites have already been in the market for videos, so why is LinkedIn important to video production? What differentiates LinkedIn from the other social media giants? Here are a few reasons you should create and upload video on LinkedIn. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social networking sites, LinkedIn Video is unique in that it aims to connect business contacts. 

It’s a site where employers and employee can hook up, businesses can tout their brand, and individuals can show their skills to potential employers. Recruiters use the site to find suitable employees. This means businesses that upload a well-produced video on LikedIn will gain networking opportunities. 

Your videos may be shared with others in your industry, which is an important part of networking. You’re also likely to gain some new connections from a DC Video Production Companies.

LinkedIn Video builds your professional image

One thing that differentiates LinkedIn from other social networking sites is that it focuses completely on professional links. So, offering LinkedIn Video enhances and builds your professional image, especially if you begin to make the videos on a regular basis.

Others in the field may look to you as an expert in your industry. Members have the option to follow those who are considered influencers or any company. As you gain followers, you solidify your professionalism.

LinkedIn Video keeps you relevant

Staying relevant in today’s world means you must keep up-to-date. Even if you are already a member of LinkedIn, adding the video content will ensure your business stays relevant. It shows that you adjust to new changes readily.

Besides, people are attracted to video content. As Pete Davies, a group product manager at LinkedIn said“When some people try to describe their jobs, text cannot capture the work. But when you can record those kinds of jobs, we find they make for stunning visuals.”

People trust LinkedIn

When you’re in business you have to gain the customer’s trust. It can take time to build a reputation that you are a trustworthy business. Of course, you know you are but you need to show them that as well.

You may earn a degree of trust through association. In a study conducted by Business Intelligence, LinkedIn was rated as most trustworthy over all other social media sites and in all areas. The questions relating to trust that were asked are as follows:

Which platform do you have the most confidence in to protect your privacy and data?

  • LinkedIn = 55 %
  • Facebook = 15 %
  • Instagram = 4 %
  • Snapchat = 9 %
  • Twitter = 9 %
  • YouTube=8 %

Which of these platforms is least likely to show you deceptive content like fake news, scams, or click bait?

  • LinkedIn = 55 %
  • Facebook = 17 %
  • Instagram = 8 %
  • Snapchat = 7 %
  • Twitter = 7 %
  • YouTube = 6 %

Which of these platforms do you feel the safest participating in or posting on?

  • LinkedIn = 43 %
  • Facebook = 21 %
  • Instagram = 12 %
  • Snapchat = 7 %
  • Twitter = 13 %
  • YouTube = 4 %”

Professional video production for your LinkedIn page

Creating and uploading LinkedIn Video is as important to your brand and business as anything else you do. According to LinkedIn expert and author, Viveka Von Rosen, “LinkedIn isn’t Snapchat!” The expert advises that you make sure your videos are “business appropriate” and scripted. 

Securing a professional Washington DC video production company can create a more professional image for your LinkedIn profile.