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Web Video Production is everywhere in today’s business world and most companies have embraced video in some fashion. We can help navigate the myriad of production styles and choices.

Video is Viral.

When it comes to high-quality content, nothing is as effective as video.

A web video production company will not only ensure that the video content posted on your site is of professional quality, but that it is an effective part of your overall marketing strategy as well.

Video Marketing, Infomercials, Training modules etc…Web Video is omnipresent. In fact, 99% of our video production winds up on the web in one form or another. Websites, Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have made Web Video Production Washington, DC the most effective way to share your content with the world.

Web Video Production

How We Do It

Web Videos Increase Sales and Traffic


Believe it or not, there are many organizations and businesses that have not embraced the power and sustainability of Web Video Production. Establishing your interest and commitment will set you apart from the competition. That is the essence of business. Gaining and keeping a competitive edge. A video does that is a very real and powerful manner.


Innovation comes from strong leadership. Recognizing trends and making them part of your company culture not only makes for a strong business foundation but also projects outward in building a strong audience base. You have the potential to create an army of supporters to wave the company flag. That’s called “Brand Loyalty” and Video Production and good storytelling can play a huge role in developing that.

Global Consumption

Your audience is truly global. Regardless of your mission, product or target audience, with the proper creation and optimized content your Video can literally be at the fingertips of billions of people with a simple click…Think of the possibilities?


One of the greatest benefits of Web-based video is the “evergreen” usability of your project(s). Most consumables have a shelf life. A video does not. It can be reused over and over again. It’s can be updated, repurposed and positioned to maximize profits and ROI. Changing personnel, new product launches, new markets…No problem.

Strengthen Your Brand

Contact us and find out why Foundation Digital Media is trusted to create online web videos to grow local  Washington DC, MD & VA brands. 

You can use web videos to strengthen your brand identity because they allow you to show visitors who your company is in a much more accurate and personal way.

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