EDU Connect Program

Our EDU Connect Program can be a large part of the learning experience in Video Production, Filmmaking, and Journalism.

Hands-On Education Matters

Assisting professionals in real-world environments is critical to the education of the next generation of Filmmakers and Journalists.

Foundation Digital Media is proud to announce a new educational program called “EDU Connect”. Our program is designed to help students gain production experience in real world, corporate video environments. Our staff on Emmy Award-winning Cinematographers, Photojournalists, Editors and Producers eagerly interact and provide exceptional levels of insight and experience to the EDU Connect participants.

This program also allows the participants to earn money as “freelance PA’s” without a semester-long commitment of traditional internships. The students can sign up for as many productions as they want or as little. Whatever fits their needs, schedule, and interests. They gain valuable knowledge in all things Digital Media and a little-earned income as well.

EDU Connect Program

The EDU Connect Program allows access to non-union video shoots so participants have access to handle gear and equipment on small to medium-sized corporate projects. Duties may include equipment load in/pack outs, grip and gaffing assistance, associate producer roles and assistant camera duties. This experience can prove to be invaluable for the participants. The goal of this program is to help students find their passions and interests in the fields of Video ProductionFilmmaking, and Journalism.

Our projects come online to the EDU Connect participants on an “as needed” basis. Once a project is in the queue, a production manager assembles the crew and will add 1 (or more) EDU Connect students from our database. Students are then giving basic instruction and guidance prior to the shoot, and are often involved with pre-production meetings.

We’re thrilled to offer this program to college and university students in the DC MD VA region.