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Our video editing services are just as important as the front end production work. Video editors are storytellers too. They blend image and sound to make us emote, feel, and connect to subjects and story-lines.

Professional Video Production

Emmy Award Winning-Video Editing Services

Professional video editing services matter. Our Washington DC staff (and our client!) we’re incredibly honored and thrilled with the Emmy recognition. It’s a commitment to excellence that we strive for in every project we work on. Our company specializes in professional video editing services for our local, regional and national clients. 


The truth is that not every production company has the same experience. When it comes specifically to video production the same rules apply. Foundation Digital Media has unmatched expertise that ensures your video needs are in the hands of professional editors that are experts in their craft. 

How We Do It

Taking Videos To The Next Level


Foundation Digital Media employs state of the art, non-linear editing platforms and provides incredibly efficient and cost-effective DC video editing services. 90% of our video editing services are unsupervised edits. That may sound odd, but with the latest technology and HD video servers, we use online or On-Demand screener pages. Those online screening rooms allow our clients to view the edits and rough cuts at their convenience and make changes in real time while they collaborate with our video editors.


We offer supervised and unsupervised video editing services, location edits and encourage client collaboration via transcriptions and private online screener rooms. Using a full video transcription service not only allows our producers to organize our content but also shows the client what material hasn’t been used. This is an essential component of ROI and the ability to build more projects off the back of the original investment.

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We ensure the post-production video editing process goes as smoothly as possible. Don’t take our word for it, ask our past and current clients. We gladly provide references to all our potential new clients.

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