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Virginia Event Video Production Services


If you’re interested in an event video production company in Virginia for your personal or business needs, look no further than Foundation Digital Media. Our production company is built on a strong network of Emmy-winning videographers, editors, producers and animation artists. Our broadcast professionals have years of experience that contribute to our exceptional quality videos.  


Clients choose our Virginia event video production services for a variety of reasons such as special events, marketing, and corporate training videos. All of these have a common theme…storytelling. This is executed using the latest in HD technology, film—style lighting and use of natural sound elements.



Instead of producing average videos, we raise our production value by implementing narrative storytelling to our projects. This combined with current technology keeps us ahead of the curve and turn our videos into “feature films” that are entertaining and engaging. That is why so many companies choose to invest in an event video production to use as a marketing tool. A video like this can convey your message effectively and with a powerful emotive narrative.


If you decide that your event will best be served with animation, Foundation Digital Media can integrate these digital enhancements as well. Our company employes some of the areas finest animation and graphic artists to deliver creative concepts and solutions. 

Often requests are made to simply document an event. Set of a camera in the back of the room, roll and deliver to the client or Youtube. Fine. However, there is a growing need to create that narrative about the event. That is where Washington DC event videographers can make a flat back of the room type event into an engaging sizzle reel.


Conduct interviews with stakeholders. Shoot cinematic style footage of cocktails or networking. Get perspective from attendees on “why this event is important”. These are the makings of an impactful event video. Want to learn more? Contact Us, we’d love to discuss your project.