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Law Firm Video Production Company in Washington DC

The world of law firm video production now far exceeds just using video for depositions. We have been trusted by some of the Washington DC area’s largest law firms and brightest attorneys. There is validity in legal videos. We are an Emmy award-winning law firm video production company in Washington DC.


Some of the legal video production services we provide in Washington DC include the following:

Video Profiles

A video is all about gaining trust. There is no better medium to develop that bond. If an individual or company is seeking legal counsel video can make a profound impact. A lawyer’s time is very valuable. Legal representation can be an expensive undertaking. Finding the right lawyer or firm is critical.


Video can help clients sift through the myriad of choices in the legal community. Video can great way to gain prospective clients. With professionally produced video, the profiles can have an infinite shelf life and be used across a multitude of platforms. The ROI can be staggering. Future updates are also very reasonable to produce since the raw files can be saved indefinitely.

Frequently Asked Questions

An attorney’s time is can be very expensive. Clients need to have their questions answered. That’s why a video FAQ section is incredibly useful. Often people find themselves in litigation somewhat unexpectedly and can thereby become lost in the process. It’s best to address any and/or all confusion as soon as possible, and a video FAQ segment is an easy way to properly inform those in need of legal counsel. Need more? 

Client Video Testimonials

Video testimonials can be a powerful tool. Self-promotion is relatively easy. However, leveraging the words and comments from an actual client is marketing gold. When a potential client is reviewing your firm or webpage they more often than not are looking for a connection. A review, an experience that speaks to them and their needs. Video testimonials get that done is a powerful way.

A professional video production will generate organic real experiences for the viewer to watch. intimacy, connection, and trust. These are the constant keywords that describe well-produced video testimonials. There is research that shows viewers stay connected for longer periods of time when watching video. With video, a client can see and hear the experiences of a past client have been served well, which inspires them to ultimately help shape their decision.

Why Choose Our Video Production Company in Washington DC?

Some of the nations most valued law firms trust our legal video production company.

Good Video Storytelling

Creating narratives is the essential building blocks of good legal video storytelling. Good video storytelling isn’t just for authors or Hollywood filmmaking. Every lawyer, law firm, legal case and client has a story to tell. Video storytelling is the perfect medium to convey those messages in a real and compelling way. Those connections develop trust and trust, in turn, develops strong and lasting relationships. Who’s telling your story?

Boutique-Style Production

Our boutique-style production department allows us the creative flexibility to work on most legal video production projects regardless of budget. Whether it’s a small legal case or trusting us to capture the moments of a big national event, Foundation Digital Media truly believes there is no project too large or too small. Contact us for a free consultation.


Law firm video production services in Washington DC is a compelling industry that assists legal teams to achieve their goals. They can help create an impact on viewers that are more effective than words.

If you require professional law firm video production services in Washington DC to solidify your case, please contact us today to learn more about how we can be of service to you.

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