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  Documentary Filmmaking isn’t just about film festivals. Long form storytelling is an important part of the communication puzzle for non-profits and news outlets.

Good Storytelling

Narratives Are The Essential Building Blocks Of Good Storytelling.

Our Documentary Filmmaking Services achieves that. Whether long form or a short film festival or Youtube, the ability to tell your story to the world can be an uplifting, engaging and profitable experience.

Foundation Digital Media’s Emmy award-winning staff excels in the craft of storytelling. From treatment to pre-production, location shoots to post-production; we have the necessary skills to leave no story untold. Our company is the Washington, DC industry leader in documentary filmmaking.

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Documentary Filmmaking Washington DC

How We Do It

“Make Them Laugh, Make Them Cry….” Powerful Stories Indeed.

Documentary Filmmaking

encompasses a vast ecosystem of creative professionals. Our staff of videographers has decades of expertise producing countless hours of programming for network news outlets and production facilities both domestically and internationally. We take that ability to operate in the unique, and sometimes hostile environments to deliver award-winning content that connects with your audience.

Documentary Filmmaking isn’t just an “Indy” hobby. It is a powerful and useful tool in corporate video production too. When a subject is so complex, extra time needs to be given to complete the narrative arc. Find us the subject and FDM will deliver.


Creating narratives is an essential building block of good storytelling. Good storytelling isn’t just for authors or Hollywood filmmaking. Every business, corporation and small business has a story to tell. Even non-profits can leverage this valuable technique. A video is a perfect medium to convey those messages in a real and compelling way. Those connections develop trust and trust, in turn, generates lasting and robust business relationships. Who’s telling your story?

Our boutique-style production department allows us the creative flexibility to work on most projects regardless of budget. Whether it’s a Fortune 500 company or trusting us to capture the moments of a special event, Foundation Digital Media truly believes there is no project too large or too small.

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