The Power of Brand Storytelling With Video

Whenever we sit back and read a news story that involves one or more celebrities or companies, we are consuming information about their brands. The content may be spun in part by the people and organizations who are included in the story, but some story elements are created and shared by third parties using brand storytelling with video. This includes all the people who work on a story within the news organization. 

While, as a brand manager, you have little control over how the news media covers your brand, you can be proactive in developing content that shares positive brand messages. Your company’s brand storytelling should be the strongest voice teaching the public about your company and what your products or services offer them. In this post, we want to consider how you can leverage the power of brand storytelling with video to attract customers and help business thrive: 

Stand Out From The Competition By Utilizing Brand Storytelling With Video


Your company operates in a crowded space. People learn about your brand on social media, in the news media, on your website and blog, through radio, broadcast, and print advertising, through face-to-face experiences, and through email and postal mail marketing.

With all of these messages confronting them, they are hard-pressed not to know about your brand, but they are also overwhelmed by similar messages from competitors who are all doing the same exact thing! For effective brand storytelling, we recommend that companies target these brand objectives: 

1. Point audiences to current issues that truly matter. 

If you are specializing in milk farming and your stakeholders are concerned about supply chain food safety , then create a video demonstrating how your production processes detect for and minimize the risks of milk contamination. If your leadership has changed and developed a new direction for the company, don’t be afraid to introduce them.

Creating a video to cover an issue or to introduce people who now represent your brand to stakeholders is a proven way to reach multiple audiences and build confidence among your clientele.

2. Stick to the facts. 

If the purpose of brand storytelling with video is to inform audiences, then you don’t want to blow up any story with too much fluff. Just like a news article must cover the facts, you want your corporate videos to share only what audiences need. You don’t want to overwhelm them with too many facts or go off on tangents by sharing details of products, services, or the company culture that do not relate to the topic. Doing so will only make the true vision of your brand more foggy to customers.

3. Appeal to viewers’ emotions only when appropriate.

Sometimes, clients  video production services to influence their audience to take a specific action. On one hand, you might want prospects to sign up for a service. On the other hand, you could promote corporate social responsibility and explain how your company contributes to various causes.

While you can use storytelling and music clips to reach the emotional side of viewers, do it responsibly. For example, you don’t want brand storytelling videos to manipulate viewers to take an action or to form a reaction because you deceived them or understated/overstated the pertinent facts. When you play with your audience’s emotions, it will harm your brand; when you appeal to their emotions responsibly, it will connect customers to your company.

4. Support your brand messages with good business practices.

Some brands could invest their marketing dollars in our video production services and obtain high-quality videos to share online, on mobile apps, or in the broadcast media. However, they may share great “story” that differs from what consumers really experience when they try their products or services.

Develop positive messages about your brand for audiences to believe, but they should match the work ethic and business practices that your employees follow each day. Brand messages must ring true with audiences or they will only create false expectations. You don’t want the negative backlash from deceptive marketing or marketing that misleads audiences to believe business practices that aren’t currently being used in your company.

Harness the Power of Brand Storytelling With Video

We understand the nuances of brand storytelling with video, and we hope to use our expertise to help your business. We can improve your brand image by producing effective video content. 

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John Foundas is a multiple Emmy and Telly award-winning Director of Photography and Editor in Washington DC. He is currently the Executive Producer and CEO of Foundation Digital Media.