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North Carolina Video Production Company

Foundation Digital Media is an Emmy® Award-Winning company that provides video production services in North Carolina and the Raleigh-Chapel Hill area.

What We Offer

Emmy Award-Winning Video Production Serving Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte and the entire North Carolina region.

Videos communicate, tell a story and build a company’s identity. Our trusted storytelling skills give us a unique advantage to produce memorable video production content. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth?  We provide the following video production and editing services in North CarolinaRaleigh-Chapel Hill and Charlotte.


Why Choose Our Video Production Company in North Carolina?

Some of the nations most valued businesses trust our video production company serving North Carolina and beyond.

Corporate Video Production

For any corporation, small business or non-profit in North Carolina & the Raleigh-Chapel Hill area, effective marketing is vital to your success. One of the primary forms relies on online platforms like Youtube, Facdbook and Twitter. Commercial spots and web video production should always be professionally executed and accurately represent your brand, mission, and products.


North Carolina Video Editing

Video editing is really about putting together a puzzle. We combine our expertise with state of the art editing, motion graphics and animation artists to provide affordable and effective video editing in North Carolina & Raleigh-Chapel Hill.

Good Video Storytelling

Creating narratives is the essential building blocks of good video storytelling. Good video storytelling isn’t just for novelists or Hollywood filmmaking. Every business, corporation and small business has a story to tell. Even non-profits can leverage this valuable technique.


Video storytelling is the perfect medium to convey those messages in a real and compelling way. Those connections develop trust and trust, in turn, develops strong and lasting business relationships. Who’s telling your story?

Boutique-Style Production

Our boutique-style production department allows us the creative flexibility to work on most projects regardless of budget. Whether it’s a Fortune 500 company or trusting us to capture the moments of a special event, Foundation Digital Media truly believes there is no project too large or too small. Contact us for a free consultation.

Contact us to find out how our video production company can benefit your marketing, advertising, and promotion efforts in North Carolina.

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