Why Website Video Leads to Higher Ranking on Search Engines

Search engine optimization (SEO) specialists have a secret. They have been trying to keep it to themselves for a while now, but it’s slowly getting out. The secret has to do with the use of website video

How Search Engines Work

Google and other search engines use a complex algorithm to determine which websites become ranked for keywords related to its content. Having a website ranked on the first page is like winning a prize. Getting a site ranked in the first, second, or third position on search engine results pages is like winning the lottery.

Internet users are more likely to click on the first, second or third link, which means those websites get the most traffic and a higher rate of conversion. This is why everyone wants to know how to make it to one of those spots.

Search Engine Optimization and Website Video

One of the ways Google and other search engines determine a website is worthy of a top position on search engine results pages is how long Internet users stay on a webpage when they visit it. If users go to the webpage and immediately hit the back button to go back to the search engine, it shows that they didn’t find what they needed. If they spend a long time on the webpage, it’s obvious they found something engaging on it.

This is where website video come into play in search engine optimization. Videos can engage people. It keeps them on a website longer than they would skimming an article. A captivating video can keep people on a webpage for minutes rather than seconds with other types of content.

That’s not the only reason to use website video. Videos come with SEO parameters that help filter them into search results. If done properly, this is a big help. Google and other search engines know well-produced videos have the potential to give Internet users the information and entertainment they look for online, which is why they help a website rank higher.

Videos also help with search engine optimization because it’s another type of content. Google introduced “universal search” back in 2007. With universal search, Google crawls websites for video, text, and images. The more types of content you have on your site, the higher the possibility you’ll end up ranking over a site that only has text or only has images with text.

Give search engine users what they want to get what you want…

All Google wants is for their users to find the information they need and want. That is their business, and if videos are what appeals to their users, they are going to show them sites that have them. Many companies do not know this about website video. Many of them believe text is all they need.

This is how you can get ahead before everyone starts using videos, especially your competitors. It’s a good idea to start considering website video for your site today. As you do this, check out some of the top websites in your niche. You’ll likely see that many of them have the types of video content mentioned here.

Pay special attention to the videos they are publishing. Are they high quality? Quality video matters online. Don’t settle for less when it comes to the quality of the videos for your site. It will impress your consumers, which will help you improve traffic. More traffic, more views, better rankings…

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