10 Video Marketing Ideas To Discuss With Your Corporate Videographer

Discussing video marketing ideas with your corporate videographer has the ability to grow your audience and help you to connect with your target demographic. There are a variety of ways to benefit from video production in DC. You simply need to work with a corporate videographer in DC who can see your vision and create a stunning video to help you market your business effectively.

There is a variety of video marketing ideas that even Forbes recommends you can use for your business, regardless of your industry. Exploring the ideas will help to start a conversation regarding corporate video production. Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC-based businesses depend on video marketing to take their brand to the next level!

What Ideas Should You Discuss With a Corporate Videographer in DC?

1) Provide an Overview of Your Company

By utilizing video production you have the ability to provide an overview of your company. Tell people more about what they can expect from you. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine, as this will help to establish your brand more sufficiently than simple text on your website.

2) Announce News

Any time that you have news – whether you are releasing a new product, merging with another business, or planning a big event – you will want to make an announcement. While press releases are effective, videos will get you more views as long as you do them right.

3) Provide a Product Demo

It’s not always easy to explain how a product works. Instead, you can provide a product demonstration with a video. People are more likely to understand the product and therefore be more likely to purchase the product themselves.


4) Explain a Service

Explainer videos are gaining in popularity. Through the use of video production in Virginia, you can have explainer videos created for the various services that you offer.

5) Showcase Your Knowledge of the Industry

Sometimes, it’s difficult to explain that you are knowledgeable about the industry that you are in. You can showcase some of your knowledge with video production. Videos can be created where you discuss various topics in depth. You may even want to start conversations on social media platforms where people ask questions and you address them with videos.

6) Educate with a How-To

Another way to educate and improve your knowledge is with a how-to video. When the video production is sufficient, your videos can live on for a significant amount of time. Consider how many people go to YouTube in order to research how to do a particular task.

7) Share Event Teasers

Events can be prosperous, and with video marketing, you can share teasers to get people excited.

8) Provide Customer Testimonials

Provide more authenticity to customer testimonials to show that there is a face behind the name online. Ask real customers to provide their testimonials in a video.

9) Offer Seasonal Videos

Creating seasonal videos with a corporate videographer can help you to stay relevant. There’s nothing wrong with capitalizing on the various holidays to then share on social platforms. Consider going after some of the holidays that others don’t think about.

10) Address Q&As

Use online reviews or ask what people want to know about your business. Then, create videos to address all of the burning questions that people have about your product or services.

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