5 Tips For Building Video Marketing Strategy

When you’re building video marketing strategy, there’s no doubt that it’s a complex process. You need to make sure that you can reach the right audience, with the right messages, at the right time, and through the right channel.

As your’e building video marketing strategy, it’s tempting to focus on large, overarching goals. While that undoubtedly matters, the smaller ways in which you will actually reach your audience are just as important.

Like everyone else, your potential customers love visuals, so here are 5 tips you can use to integrate video when building marketing strategy.

1) Emphasize Visuals in Your Written Marketing Strategy

Let’s start at the beginning: above all else, you must make sure that video is a strategic component of your written marketing plan. Audiences across all industries respond more favorably to visuals, which tend to increase engagement, clicks, and conversions. Your marketing strategy must highlight that need from the start.

Taking this step may be as simple as discussing videos in your messaging strategy. But it can also get more specific, from using video metrics as marketing KPIs to embracing entire tactics such as the video SEO opportunity mentioned below. No matter what method you choose to utilize, it’s certain that video is essential when you’re building marketing strategy.

2) Create Unique Videos for Individual Channels

Next, an important clarification:building video marketing strategy does not mean working with corporate videographers in DC to create a single video and blast it to your audience in as many ways as possible.

Instead, it means understanding your current marketing strategy and finding ways to integrate moving images into your messaging as naturally as possible.

A 3-minute video might work great on YouTube, but will not get major reach on Facebook and Twitter. The 30 and 60-second commercial lengths are standard on TV, but will not work as well on Facebook. Both length and the message itself should be adjusted specifically for the channel through which you will broadcast the video. When you’re looking to create unique videos as a part of building marketing strategy, it’s important to work with professional video production services.

3) Embrace a Storytelling Approach

Without a doubt, one of the greatest advantages of video when you’re looking to build a marketing strategy is its ability to tell a story. Not every other tactic you use can say the same thing; a text-based social media ad, for instance, won’t have the capability to go beyond straight selling and promotion of your product or services.

To be successful, your storytelling should be strategic. The story needs to make sense within a larger brand message, and it must be optimized for the channel in which it is presented as mentioned above. It also needs to be produced professionally for maximum impact and success.

4) Highlight Product/Service Use Cases

In addition to the storytelling approach mentioned above, it also makes sense to use your marketing videos as straightforward selling aides. To accomplish that feat, consider producing videos that specifically highlight the ways in which your product or service would be used in a real-world scenario.

This type of tactic is similar to social proof. If your audience can see your product in action, they will be able to relate to it more closely. As a result, they’ll become more likely to become both customers and brand loyalists.

5) Take Advantage of Video SEO

Finally, video adds another potential opportunity when you’rebuilding video marketing strategy that will only become more impactful in the future. In addition to enhancing your existing marketing efforts, consider using it to embrace video SEO.

You might not think about it in this way, but YouTube is actually the world’s second largest search engine after Google. Thus, many of the same search engine optimization best practices for regular websites apply to videos on the YouTube, as well. If you can create content that your audience actively seeks out, you will put your brand in front of them and significantly raise awareness.

Foundation Digital Media Makes Building Marketing Strategy Easy

Are you ready to integrate video into your marketing strategy? That task requires more than just producing a video and hoping for the best. The above tips can help you get started, but you should also work with a partner for professional video production service to make sure that the end product satisfies and exceeds you and your customers’ expectations.

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