Your Marketing Dollars Can Be Better Spent!

What would you say if you could easily expand your business beyond its current reach through broadcast, print, and social media? What if it was just a matter of redistributing marketing dollars to new channels? You might even have a whole team in the firm devoted to event marketing. These people go out and establish relationships with the public to promote brand awareness. The reality is that your marketing dollars could be better spent on branded video marketing!

Try working with a Maryland video production partner. If you decide to invest in branded video marketing, then you should study how it performs across different channels. You can rapidly expand your marketing conversion rates through video content, including clips that go viral and clips targeted to specific users on your website or app. You must be willing to consider what the best branded video content looks like.

The Background on Branded Video Marketing

We found a recent video post from that explains how a data analytics dashboard helps a global media company like A&E to study how its video content performs across all marketing platforms. In this video, we learn how A&E has developed thousands of “short form assets.” You can picture these digital assets as everything from video clips with actors or even animated characters.



When you collect a database of video clips for which your company owns the rights, they can be deployed singly or in combination across any channel. Use a stick figure that talks, for example, and dub in a voice explaining the newest chat feature on your mobile app. Better yet, post a series of video clips showcasing employees assembling the latest robot that will change how a popular medical procedure is performed. In either context, video clips promise to bring your branded message to life in ways that fit the needs of target users. Each video promotes the development of a brand relationship that only interactive branded video marketing can achieve.

Using Your Digital Marketing Dashboard

We encourage you to examine your online marketing data analytics dashboard and to perform a quick analysis. Locate the 20 highest-performing pieces of content. This includes items posted on one or more marketing channels (i.e. Facebook, the company website and blog, and external sites with paid ads).

Once you’ve located them, ask yourself how many pieces include video content. One piece of content might be a podcast you posted a year ago prior to a product launch while another piece of content might be an article reposted from with added commentary. Your analysis may reveal that the highest-performing content pieces include little or no video content. Before you conducted this analysis, you felt happy with the number of hits received on each content piece. Now, imagine that this number could be much higher if you used branded video marketing as the medium to deliver your content!

Foundation Digital Media is Here to Help!

We’re in the business to help brands expand their outreach through branded video marketing. We understand that sometimes your creative people get stuck on the types of video clips that should be produced for your video assets library. We consult with you on your brand’s video marketing needs and do careful research in the market before designing or producing anything.

For advice on building a new video marketing strategy, we hope you will contact us today.


John Foundas is a multiple Emmy and Telly award-winning Director of Photography, Producer, and Editor in Washington DC. He is currently the Executive Producer and CEO of Foundation Digital Media. For Inquiries: [email protected]