The Connection Between DC Corporate Video and Digital Marketing

We read an interesting factoid the other day. Neil Patel explained that, at any point in time, it’s expected 9 percent of people are using their phones while they operate a vehicle. This could be in the form of talking or texting, but sometimes drivers will navigate using an app like Maps on their iPhone. That being said, they aren’t fully watching the road or monitoring general traffic conditions while on their smartphone.

His factoid is a little scary to those of us who hope with all of our beings that drivers focus on the road. His observation also comes on the eve of the not-too-distant future (in which he points out that we will travel around in self-driven vehicles). This kind of transit means that we will have more time to use smartphones and electronic devices to learn about our favorite brands, which includes watching their messages created through DC corporate video projects) and that we might need to invest in DVD players and those cute viewing screens that can mount on our vehicle’s dashboard.

Why DC Corporate Video Matters

While it’s exciting that we might not have to drive, we will still use smartphones in all aspects of our lives. They are essentials that only five years ago we tended to use in limited situations. We know that the continued growth of digital and mobile marketing will make it essential that companies have access to the best DC Corporate Video. This is because it is only through professional video production Washington DC that companies source quality content to post on their website, blog, app, social media page, or advertisement (at least at the level that meets a digital consumer’s expectations).

While user-generated content has its place in marketing, expert corporate videography has the finished look that consumers expect from leading brands. We prepare video content to help our clients use storytelling as a powerful means of marketing, and we love it because it’s easy for users to share.

What’s New in Your Company

Surprisingly, we still encounter companies daily who have not leveraged DC Corporate Video to produce any significant amounts of content for use in their digital marketing. These are the same companies that may already have their own YouTube channel and multiple social media profiles. It’s just that their marketing experts aren’t recommending video production as a viable form of sharing a message. However, we encourage companies to pitch us for a quote on a video project and see how easy it is to add this storytelling method to their next advertising campaign.

You might be sitting there wondering what you would create a video about, and that’s where we come in. It could be that your organization recently added a whole new product or service line about which target consumers need some education. Or, it could be that your company is introducing innovative service methods that you want consumers to understand (i.e. such as why they should download an app to receive faster customer service).  

We are always proponents of using DC Corporate Video to distribute brand concepts to target audiences in rapid fashion. This does take planning as you want to give a creative team enough time to create the story that you want to tell and to arrange for a video shoot. For details about using DC Corporate Video for digital marketing and other needs, please contact us today.