Enhancing Your Employee Orientation with High-Quality Training Videos

When it comes to onboarding new employees High Quality Training Videos cab be a valuable asset. Your primary goal is to help them remember absolutely everything about their new workplace including procedures, legal requirements, security measures, and how to find the break room. Even with a week or two to learn it, many companies find that the simple paperwork and explanation method simply isn’t sufficient.

The rookie mistakes are clear evidence that something is missing from the orientation program. This is due to engagement level. Recent research shows that 75% of employees are more likely to watch a video than read documentation, emails, or articles. High Quality Training Videos made by corporate video production companies have a much higher rate of absorption and increase an employees ability to remember the covered content.

Everyone Learns Differently

Like the educational systems they are based on, many orientation programs rely mostly on physical and online documentation. Just like in school, there are always a few people who love this approach and will read anything they are handed or linked to, often before the orientation session begins.

However, most people learn best through auditory or visual engagement. High Quality Training Videos use multimedia and dynamic imagery to better serve the diverse learning needs for an entire classroom of new employees.

High Quality Training Videos: Covering the Bases

Some topics are better covered by High Quality Training Videos than others, but everything is enhanced with dynamic visual aids. Company history can be accompanied by historical photos of the founder and their original facilities, while company culture can be more easily explained with shots of the staff in motion through shared spaces.

Long and more complex topics like policies and security procedures will be more easily remembered with diagrams, infographics, and helpful video demonstrations of dos and don’ts. Even illustrating the floor plan in videos can help new employees lock down the way from the front door to the break room and avoid those first-day ‘oops, wrong office’ delays.

Better Results with High-Quality Training Videos

The effectiveness of a corporate High Quality Training Videos depends a lot on the quality of the video itself. While it may be tempting to have executives shoot training videos with their iPhones, bad sound levels and the ‘shaky hand cam’ effect can make a film both difficult to hear and sickening to look at.

For businesses serious about efficient and high quality orientation training, it’s more than worth it to invest in skilled corporate videographers, creating valuable training material at the level of excellence you demand from everything within your business. 

Where and When you Need It

In order to get the most from the time your new hires spend watching High Quality Training Videos, it’s important to find a skilled and cooperative service available in your area.

If for instance, your business location is near our country’s capital, you would no doubt want to compare the services of all corporate videographers in DC in order to find the best video production company to fulfill the requirements of your training video in a timely manner and within your desired budget.

Our team at Foundation Digital Media is passionate about bringing professional video production and editing services to DC and the surrounding area throughout Virgina and Maryland, but we’re equipped for anything your company might need up to and including international travel.

When it comes to thorough, dynamic, and engaging High Quality Training Videos, look no further than Foundation Digital, we can provide you with everything from green screen interviews to custom 3D animations. For more information about high quality corporate training videos or to talk about your vision for future programs, contact us today.

We’d love to help you design the ideal training videos for your company.