Lifestyle Video

Lifestyle video marketing has become so viable people enjoy content that helps them see how others are living. Consumers are the king when it comes to media content these days. With so much content out there, consumers have abundant choices no matter what type of content they prefer to consume. It inspires people, gives them good ideas for their own life, or simply gives them something to aspire to.

Lifestyle Video Marketing: What Are the Key Points?

With any marketing video, the creators must be able to invoke emotions and interest from the audience. A video that leaves the viewer feeling nothing at the end did not accomplish its goals. The viewer will probably forget the video existed in a few minutes, as they are watching some other content.

With lifestyle video marketing, it is even more important to evoke emotion. The viewer must emotionally connect with or relate to the people they are seeing in a lifestyle video. And they must have an interest in the lives, personalities or surroundings of those who are the subject of the video.

Create a Positive Connection

A lifestyle video should not feel boring, formal or too structured. It is promoting a lifestyle brand or an individual influencer. The video should start by creating positive vibes, showing the subject of the video enjoying their surroundings. The audience should feel immediately hooked to what they are seeing, as it will keep them watching until the end of the video.

Display Authenticity – To a Point

Authenticity is so important in video marketing these days. Consumers have become savvier than ever about the content they are watching. They know how to spot a video that is inauthentic or excessively promotional. It is especially true in the lifestyle sector, where people watch for the authenticity they perceive in the content.

A lifestyle video cannot succeed until there is a connection between the viewer and the subject of the video. Authenticity helps establish this connection. Of course, the authenticity is only present to a point, as the video must still market the particular influencer, family, lifestyle brand, product or service that is being pushed!

Demonstrate Value to the Audience

Lifestyle brands are all about providing value to their target market. Whether the brand is selling shoes, shirts, jackets, kitchen utensils, specialty electronics or some other product, these videos must demonstrate why the viewer needs to buy the product.

And it is not just about showing how the product works. The chances are that a lifestyle video is not selling items for their practicality. They are being sold for their elite status or “premium quality” compared to similar products. The marketing video must establish these qualities but in a friendly and authentic way.

With lifestyle video marketing, creators are able to establish a connection with their audience. Whether the video is to market a family, individual or a lifestyle business, it can help to create a solid bond with the target audience. But the video must be authentic and positive, demonstrating value to the viewer. With these qualities, a lifestyle video can find a lot of success on YouTube and other content or social media platforms.

John Foundas is a multiple Emmy and Telly award-winning Director of Photography, Producer, and Editor in Washington DC. He is currently the Executive Producer and CEO of Foundation Digital Media. For Inquiries: [email protected]