Use Corporate Videography 

If someone could watch a video and take an action, such as applying new information on the job, then the content owner would be thrilled! As corporate videography professionals, we know that duplicating the result time after time from one video would convince companies that creating training content is a good business decision. 

Video marketing trends also suggest that videos are how many employees, but particularly Millennials and Centennials, prefer to learn new ideas.

Some training videos may be considered appropriate to publish on a company’s website, blog, or mobile app for other stakeholders to view and to post their responses.

Finally, instructional videos can explain the corporate strategy to employees working in locations around the world and help them prepare for changes to business processes that affect them.

The Background of Corporate Videography

In this digital economy, we still go to the halls of learning (i.e. trade schools, colleges, and universities) to learn from experts and to apply new skills in different contexts. We do this with the awareness that we won’t get all the knowledge that we will need to succeed alone, but we also develop relationships that will sustain us as we begin new careers.

We prefer to learn quickly, and we usually appreciate convenient tutorials wherever we find them online. 

1. Videos appeal to the human senses of vision and hearing.

2. Videos provide a sense of movement to viewers.

3. Videos get people involved.

4. Videos serve as a reference material in the future.

5. Videos provide background information that can stimulate meaningful dialogues among training groups. 

Our corporate videography in the DC area helps clients reach different audiences, including employees and prospective recruits. With custom instructional video, the audience accesses new learning quickly and from any location. What’s more, it’s easy to share videos on multiple platforms. 

The Truth About Marketing

We read Scott Maxwell’s piece by on the value of turning your service into a product. He noted that many companies, including Dropbox and Slack, don’t use flashy advertising campaigns to create product awareness. Instead, they focus on their core product. 

“Consumers won’t take your word for it that your product is great. They need to experience it for themselves first. And that’s where the opportunity lies.” 

So, utilize corporate videography and video marketing expertise to create a great video about how to use one of your products or how to take an action related to your brand. Let the user experience during a video do the marketing for you! If users find your instructional video useful, they might share it with others. Users might also link to your video on social media, websites, and blogs, which means more free marketing. 

The Future Involves Instructional Videos

There’s no doubt that the demand for instructional videos, including how consumers interact with your brand and how they use products or services, is going to increase in the future.

1. Consider your viewing audience. In one target group, you might need to reach different kinds of viewers. One video may not meet all of their needs. A video production team can plan variations of the video for different audiences while using the same actors, props, lighting, and venue.

2. Keep your message as specific as possible. At heart, your viewers are just like wiggly fourth graders who teachers are trying to instruct in long division. If you try to cover too much information in one video, then you will lose your audience. 

3. Tell your story in a fun way. Audiences will watch your instructional video with a purpose in mind. We help you create great visuals, easy-to-understand dialogue, and the best angle for the target audience’s needs.

The goal of corporate videography is to share essential information in ways that viewers can internalize and apply in other situations. Imagine how instructional videos could help tell your product story. 

For more details, contact us , we love talking about this stuff!