Sizzle Reels, What Are They?

Sizzle reels are those little glimpses into a company, event or personality. It’s a video production technique that serves as a highlight reel but adds added interest for the viewer to digger deeper. Forcing a call to action is the corner stone of solid marketing. Sizzle Reels achieve that in an incredible and impactful way.

What’s in the Sizzle?

In our opinion the sizzle in Sizzle Reels all come down to editing. Flashy, fast edits. Powerful captivating music and info text graphic elements help to push the narrative. There are may styles of sizzle reels but for us the use of text graphics as “keywords” seems to really helps the viewer absorb the information. Longer form sizzle reels can include on-camera elements from stakeholders, clients or spokespeople.

However, the total run time (TRT)  of most sizzle reels is around 60 seconds. You’d be surprised how quickly that amount of time flies by when produced effectively.  The idea is to give the view just enough and then cut them off. This internal mechanism to want more information is what is so powerful. From there, at the end of a sizzle reel is an appropriate time to show the viewer links or URL’s on where to find more information.

Who Uses Sizzle Reels?

Corporations showcasing the company culture. Corporate marketers promoting a new product, service and event specialists. We have offend been asked to boil down and otherwise bland event and make it shine. Instead of recording 3 hours of podium speakers, we’ll shoot cinematic footage of the event, people networking and perhaps add a few interview elements from attendees speaking about the event.

Mix in some music and those terrific keyword graphics and you have a powerful promotional vehicle that can lead to more sales, better ROI and brand awareness.

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