Production Value In Video Marketing

Production value is an essential tool when making marketing campaigns and getting people to watch your videos. It engages viewers and keeps them watching to the end when you do it correctly. Viewers get to know you as an expert and thought leader and come back to you when they are looking for more value and more information.

Best of all you can show customers why they should go with your brand without explicitly selling them something. You may ask yourself how do you give your viewers value with your video? What examples have you seen where brands are doing this effectively? Here are 4 ways to provide value with examples of how it’s being done now.

Instructional/Explainer Videos

Great for organizations that sell tools to help a consumer complete some larger goal. Whether you’re selling cell phone cases or hard hats it’s important that you keep your vision focused on what matters to the customer.

Production value is this instant is paramount. If you manufacture pet bird cages, consider offering tutorials about bird care or linking customers to resources for bird toys. If you sell web design, discuss good SEO etiquette or the important things to have on your website (video as just one example).

Product Demonstrations

For unique and multi-use products, it can sometimes be difficult for consumers to know exactly what they want and exactly how they should use it. Product demonstration videos can set a potential buyer’s mind at ease before they decide or even convince them that they should buy it.

It also reduces return rates for certain products. Once people know what they’re really getting, they’re less likely to buy the wrong item. More than that, if they know how it works, they won’t get frustrated and return it before they figure out how to use it. If you sell a component for a car, make sure people know how to install it and what models it works with. If you sell a software plugin, tell users in a handy video guide where to put the file!

The Adobe Creative Cloud provides handy tutorials through their official YouTube channel to help new users start working with their software. There are also tutorials for more expert users that keep them coming back for more. While the channel has many other types of videos on it, it has a strong well of tutorials and links to external resources to help users.

Product Comparisons

A great way to show that your production value is superior is to show it working better than the competition! Sometimes there are products out there superior to what your company provides. That’s alright, that just means you can beat them on price (right?)!

You can also compare two of your own products to help customers decide which one they should buy! You don’t have to use your own products in comparison videos. If you are an auto parts provider, you can rate cars Kelly Blue Book style. A dog walker could rate different dog collars! 

Digital Rev TV is actually sent cameras and lenses for free from associated companies just so they will review them. Companies like Sony and Canon understand it’s essential to reach out to these massive followings.

Having high quailty videos that represent a brand is critical. Hiring production companies that insist on high production value goes a long way in developing trust with potencial clients. These viewers will trust the word of the people at Digital Rev, even if they wouldn’t necessarily trust Sony or Canon directly. 

Connecting to Other Resources

People want to solve problems, if you can point them to the resources that can do that then you can stay specialized as a company. Some companies will stretch themselves too thin, but if you become the ultimate resource while doing one thing really well then you’ve found a strong market niche.

Go Pro provided one really amazing camera. Dove makes soap and lotions. But each makes their mission larger than just their product. Dove has been connecting to resources for women and empowering the feminist movement. Go Pro sponsored(and featured) the red bull global sports.

You too can link to other resources related to your product or service. A web designer may need to link to a video production company. A ride-sharing service might suggest companion apps to help drivers service their cars and pick the best driving times. Think long and hard about what other resources are floating around you in the total universe of the consumer. 

If you’d like some help designing a video that can provide value to consumers, then contact us.