Why Your Healthcare Practice Needs Video Marketing

The healthcare industry is strong, but so is the competition. In today’s technological marketplace, businesses need to develop with the tech to remain relevant. Consumers have evolved, and they no longer browse newspapers to find products.

They certainly are not searching the yellow pages or reading junk mail. Consumers want convenient messages that are easy to absorb. The benefits of video marketing provide just that.

They provide easy ways to connect with consumers, and for consumers to learn more about your company. To learn more about the best benefits video marketing can offer your healthcare practice, check out the list below.

Increase Your Web Traffic

When blogging emerged, it ruled internet marketing. It wasn’t long, however, before internet video marketing took over.

Now that 95% of Americans hold powerful computers in their hands, they no longer have to restrict their internet browsing to text pages. They can relax and consume information through video.

This reality has driven up the number of video searches compared to text searches. In fact, 43% of consumers want to see more video content in the future.

Provide Better Content

Quality is more important than quantity – that’s especially true for content marketing. There’s nothing a consumer hates worse than an irrelevant, unhelpful, or disingenuous piece of content. It can ruin the perception of your brand.

Video marketing provides an easy way to express your expertise and trustworthiness in your market. For example, you can provide easily digestible and compelling patient education.

You can use animation and engaging graphics to make a video explaining complex medical topics in just a few minutes. This is content that your customers want and need.

Improve Customer Engagement

With great content comes great customer engagement. Once you prove your reliability through well-composed and thoughtful video, you can improve your customer engagement.

There’s nothing simple about picking a new healthcare provider. Many potential patients are already wary of the healthcare industry. They spend a lot of time researching new practices before they make a decision.

You can use your video to describe your practice, interview your staff, record patient testimonials, and explore your facility. This effective video marketing will improve your engagement with these customers. They will be drawn to your content, and your business, as a result.

A Cost-Effective Investment

When web video marketing first emerged, it wasn’t a cheap investment. Production tools were much more expensive 10 years ago. Thankfully, technology has progressed and made these tools much more accessible.

Rather than pay for continual ad placement, you can pay a single fee to produce a web video. There’s a bigger initial cost, but you will own marketing content that doesn’t expire.

Your video content can even be reused in future projects, reducing future production costs.

More Benefits of Video Marketing

The benefits of video marketing don’t stop here. Most healthcare providers overlook this essential marketing tool, which will put you a step before the rest.

To find out how you can implement video marketing, don’t hesitate to contact us for guidance.