Growing Your Nonprofit: Tips for a Nonprofit Video Marketing Strategy

In addition to nonprofit video, It has been estimated that in 2019, video traffic will account for up to 80 percent of all consumer internet traffic.

Video marketing is all the rage these days with Facebook introducing video a few years ago and more recently on its sister platform Instagram. Of course, YouTube can never be left out of the equation, the video giant is ahead of both Facebook and Instagram in terms of daily views.

If you’re struggling with finding the right marketing strategy for your nonprofit video, here are some tips that will help.

1. Keep It Simple

The simpler the nonprofit video the more it makes a raw emotional connection with your viewers. This is what you should aim for in order to get noticed. Fancy special effects are nice but sometimes the glitz and glamour are not necessary when you want to make an emotional connection.

Once you have a nonprofit video that talks about your organization, the best marketing strategy you can use is to throw some paid video promotion behind it. Just five dollars a day can take you very far with Facebook and YouTube video advertising.

The best part of advertising is that you’re guaranteed to get noticed and it will boost your organic views once people start sharing your video.

2. Go Live

Going live on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram is a great way to promote events and get immediate attention. A live connection is your chance to showcase all aspects of your nonprofit video and share your passion with your audience.

Sharing this way will translate into more support for your ventures. In fact, a little over half the people who watch a video from a non-profit make a donation.

3. Story Time

People love a good story that is told on video. Create a video script that talks about what inspired your non-profit to begin doing what it does.

You can showcase stories that show how your organization is helping others achieve their dreams and make a difference in the world. Inspiring people is the key to making them take notice of your organization.

4. Make Sure Your Videos Have a Clear Call to Action

You can make the greatest video in the world but if you don’t have a clear call to action then you will only get video views and no click-throughs.

This means you need to tell people what to do once they have watched your video. If you want them to donate tell them. If you want them to sign up for your email list then tell them as well.

Never assume that your audience knows what to do after watching your video.

Final Thoughts on NonProfit Video

If you are ready to skyrocket your non-profit organization to new levels then a nonprofit video is a great way to go. If you target your message in a way that’s meaningful people will make a connection with what you’re doing.

Connection brings support and growth. Finally, don’t forget to give your viewers a clear call to action.

If you would like to get help with your non-profit video, please contact us.