Ultimate Video Marketing Guide 2019 pt. 2 – The Video Creation Process

Businesses small and large are looking at video marketing as the next big thing in online advertising. And with good reason. Statistics show that videos can help with selling products and services, creating a personal connection between companies and consumers, and improving brand recognition.

It is important for companies to avoid rushing into the video creation process. Instead of jumping into the creation of many marketing videos, a business must carefully assess a few questions.

The Video Creation Process: Answering Questions

Who are you targeting?

A marketing video is much more effective when it is targeting a specific audience. Broad videos have their place, but most companies want laser focus from the content they are paying money to produce.

Assess your target market, understand their demographics, learn about the social media platforms they frequent, understand how they watch videos, and get statistics on how they end up on your website.

Then use that information to figure out the type of videos that would be best received by your audience. For instance, the videos preferred by 17-21-year-olds is very different from what a 65+ individual would enjoy.

What is your video’s goal?

Before doing a second of work on a marketing video, you should be able to give a one sentence answer on what you want your video to accomplish. 

Is it designed to boost conversions? Do you want to teach your target audience about how to use your new product? Are you attempting to boost brand awareness? Do you want to make your company appear more personable and likable?

A video should have a clear goal, while it should have as narrow a purpose as possible. When a video tries to do much, all the desired messages can get muddled.

Do you have a tone or style in mind for your videos?

If you have never produced a marketing video for your company, you have a clean slate. You can assess other business videos and get idea from video marketers about different video marketing styles. 

But you must narrow down a particular tone and style. If each of your videos feels different from the other, it can have a mixed impact. Almost all your content should have a similar aesthetic, as it will help to establish a personality that your target audience will associate with your brand.

Creating Quality Video Content

The video creation process should continue with storyboarding for the first video and then writing a quality script. Many video marketers can provide assistance in these areas, especially if your company has not put out a marketing video before.

The storyboard is crucial, as it lays out the major themes and ideas for the video. A script will expand on these ideas but should still be very concise and tight. Remember that online marketing videos must be short and attention-grabbing.


When you have a script, it is time to connect with video marketers to schedule the filming of your video. The time it takes to film will depend on the nature and length of the video. Quality video marketers will professionally shoot your content, edit it down and help you upload it to the desired online platforms. 

John Foundas is a multiple Emmy and Telly award-winning Director of Photography, Producer, and Editor in Washington DC. He is currently the Executive Producer and CEO of Foundation Digital Media. For Inquiries: [email protected]