Ultimate Video Marketing Guide 2019 pt. 1 

The past few years have seen a dramatic shift in the way marketers view videos. Even four or five years ago, video was seen as a second-class citizen compared to other online marketing avenues. But it has slowly grown in importance, with companies realizing that videos offer a quick, catchy and personable way to reach customers.

But how is video marketing shaping up in 2019 and beyond?

Statistics for Video Marketing in 2019

Before assessing trends and analyzing possible options for video marketers in 2019, it is important to look at the statistics. Studies show that around 70 percent of consumers have shared a video from a brand, while almost three-fourths of businesses claim that videos helped boost conversions.

Roughly one in two consumers indicated that an online video of a product managed to convince them into making an online purchase, instead of needing to see the product in person. And more than half of executives were impressed enough to visit a marketer’s site or contact a vendor after they watched a video.


These statistics tell us that videos are being used with increasing frequency for good reason. Companies are getting a strong return on videos, especially when we consider that it does not cost an exorbitant amount of money to create a quick and attention-grabbing marketing video.

Types of Marketing Videos in 2019

There are several types of videos that will gain increasing importance in relation to video marketing in 2019.

Live Videos:

Research shows that around four in five people would rather see a live video from a brand, as opposed to reading a blog post. And a similar number prefer live videos to traditional social media posts.

1:1 Videos:

Many companies and smaller businesses are taking a personable approach to video, shooting 1:1 videos and using them to replace sending emails for customer support. People who receive support through such videos would appreciate the personal touch, resulting in a deeper connection with the company.

Educational Content:

Not every bit of video content from a company has to market a product or service. Many people appreciate when companies release explainer, how-to, or educational videos that provide useful information about a particular industry, product or service.

Animated Videos:

Animation is not only for cartoons but serves a valuable purpose in business. Animated videos can be great for explaining concepts or showing how a product works. They are fun, unique and do not cost a lot of money to make.


Companies who want to know more about video marketing in 2019 must look at the statistics and trends to understand how much video marketing can help promote their brand, sell a product or create a closer connection with customers.

John Foundas is a multiple Emmy and Telly award-winning Director of Photography, Producer, and Editor in Washington DC. He is currently the Executive Producer and CEO of Foundation Digital Media. For Inquiries: [email protected]