Emotional Advertising Videos

Have you ever watched the Pixar shorts that are before Disney Pixar movies? Usually, there are no words, and yet by the end of it, it makes you feel a certain type of way doesn’t it?


Do you remember how you felt? This is the power of emotion, and emotional advertising, when done right, can differentiate your company from the competition.

 Understanding Emotional Advertising Videos

Below are a few key aspects of emotional advertising. These are applicable across all mediums of advertising, not just videos.

There is a Narrative

What companies understand is that their entire brand needs to be part of a larger narrative. Their brand is a living, breathing thing that people can or can’t resonate with.

There’s a specific story that is told with every brand, and if you don’t have that yet, you’ll need to first try to understand what your brand and your company stand for. This is going beyond the typical business platitudes, everyone cares about customer service, quality products, and fast turnaround times.




Your brand needs to have a soul and needs to be part of a greater storytelling arch. Look for creative inspiration in movies, film, books. Take a look at the Hero’s Journey to understand the backbone of storytelling that’s been a timeless piece of human history for thousands of years.


Focus on One Key Emotion


People love to be taken on a journey through stories, and there can be multiple, smaller types of emotions throughout that journey. However what companies who understand emotional advertising do is that they create an entire story around one key emotion.

It’s important that one key emotion is focused on. The better you can pinpoint a specific type of emotion, the more impactful it will be. So you want to ask yourself, what buttons do you want to push? How do you want your audience to feel?

Think of the various PSA’s that create a certain type of shock value that keeps the viewer feeling slightly disturbed or guilty. Playing up to fear can also have a powerful effect on viewers, for better or for worse.  Tie that in with your product or service and you’ll be able to truly connect with a viewer on a much deeper, visceral level.

There is a Call to Action

To have mass appeal, there usually needs to be an ending, whether it’s happy or sad.It’s up to the brand on how that ending plays out, but most companies understand that it is important to include some kind of call to action for viewers to act upon.

This is because just like in music, when there is discord, there is a need for resolution. Think of highly charged speeches of the past that have spurred people to take action.



Emotional Advertising Can Help You Stand Out

We’ve only scratched the surface on emotional advertising. If you want to learn more about marketing and advertising, read some of our articles here.