Far too many businesses assume that when the final camera is turned off during video production, the bulk of the process is complete. The truth is that post video production is equally important as the footage being captured by different cameras during filming. Without effective post production, a video will not live up to its potential. Here are some details your company should know about post video production.

Understanding Post Video Production

When the cameras are turned off, and all the footage is gathered, it is time for the video production crew to begin post production. However, what does this process entail? Post production includes editing, sound mixing, adding special effects, color grading and more. The raw footage is not enough by itself. Without a lot of editing and smoothing, the final video will not appear cohesive, interesting and professional.

Many Issues Can Arise

Much like other parts of the video creation process, post production can be fraught with difficulties. Computers that are being used for editing may stop working, video files may become difficult to access due to malfunctioning drives, adding special effects may take longer than expected and more. The list could go on for ages. It is why businesses need to find a video production company they can trust to handle this process.

Requires Precision and Creativity



Post-production is where the creator and director’s vision is realized. These individuals spent a lot of time during filming making sure every scene was recorded perfectly. However, they were aware that scenes need stitching together to create the final video. Moreover, special effects can help to elevate content.

Every part of the post production process must be done precisely. Editing can be time consuming, but every little tweak is necessary to ensure the video flows. Not to mention the sound mixing, because the last thing that you want is a video with out of sync or muffled sound.

Get a Professional to Handle this Process

The worst mistake any business can make is to try and go through post video production on their own. Maybe you think that you can save some money by having the professional shoot the video, but then edit it yourself. It is a bad idea. An amateur video editor can take professionally-shot footage and produce a result that looks like an amateur created it. It is no slight against your business. However, unless you have previous experience with post production, it is a process that is better left to the pros.

Only Hire the Best

Foundation Digital Media is a cornerstone of the video production industry in the Washington DC area. We have been assisting businesses, filmmakers, and independent content creators for years. We offer video production services to both small businesses and larger corporations, along with non-profits and other organizations.

If you are hoping to partner with a company that can assist you with the pre-production, filming, and post production stages of creating a stunning video, we should be your first call!


John Foundas is a multiple Emmy and Telly award-winning Director of Photography, Producer, and Editor in Washington DC. He is currently the Executive Producer and CEO of Foundation Digital Media. For Inquiries: [email protected]