Crafting a commercial, informational or a creative video is a challenge, regardless of the subject or desired length. By assessing tips for production day filming, you can ensure your next video is up to scratch. Video production is such an intricate process, with so many fast-moving parts occurring in conjunction.

You have spent a lot of time and energy brainstorming, so using tips for production day and reating a storyboard and ensuring the video will include the type of content that will help your business. Now it is time to turn those ideas into a quality video.

Here are 10 exciting tips for production day filming that will help with your next professional video.

Tips for Production Day Filming

1. Iron Out the Timing

Going into production day with no plan is a recipe for disaster. When it is the day of filming, you should already have a complete production calendar. It should include all details regarding the cast and crew, the order of filming scenes and any additional details relevant to the production.

2. Track Changes

Changes are an inevitable aspect of filming. Even the best laid plans must be tweaked depending on circumstances, whether it is a mistake from the crew or a change in your natural surroundings. It is important to keep a track of these changes on a document that you can easily access later.

3. Test Whenever Possible

While it can be time consuming, testing shots before filming is a vital aspect of ensuring that everything is as you intend. There may be some props in the way or the lighting may be off. When you include a test shot, you can make those changes before you start filming.

4. Do Not Ignore Sound

Sound quality is not less important than video quality, especially for a business video. You can have the best visuals in the world. But if no one can understand what is being said, your message is diluted. Ensure a quality mic and boom setup is being used to get high quality and crystal-clear sound during all scenes.

5. Set Up the Perfect Lighting

When crafting corporate video, ensure lighting is as intended. It is a little easier inside, as you are relying solely on artificial lighting. When filming outdoors, it may be a combination of artificial and natural light that delivers the best result. Finding that balance is crucial to shooting a great video.

6. Organize the Makeup and Wardrobe Departments

The makeup and wardrobe departments should be completely clear on how to approach the work on production day. They must have a list of what they need to do and the order of that work.

7. Be Polite with the Cast and Crew

People assume that being loud with the cast and crew will push them to work harder. But the best video marketing content is created when everyone is passionate and engaged during the filming process. Treat cast and crew with respect and they will respond with their best work.

8. Keep Calm During a Crisis

A crisis during filming is not abnormal. There may be a lighting or timing issue that disrupts the process. Do not panic. Attempt to find the best workaround, instead of assuming that everything will fall apart.

9. Do Not Ignore the B-Roll

Using the B-Roll, which is supplemental video footage, can add a lot of character to your business or promotional video. The footage can be relayed in between the other content while the narrator is speaking. It can also serve as an introduction or conclusion to the video.

10. Shoot More Than One Take

Shooting two or three takes of each scene will give you a good base to use during editing. If you only have one take, you may not have a chance to find a mistake-free version of the scene that is to your liking.

Wrapping Up

If you are hoping to create a quality business video for promotional or educational purposes, contact Foundation Digital Media today. Our crew will ensure your video production project is managed flawlessly.


John Foundas is a multiple Emmy and Telly award-winning Director of Photography, Producer, and Editor in Washington DC. He is currently the Executive Producer and CEO of Foundation Digital Media. For Inquiries: [email protected]