Drive Your Digital Marketing Strategy

People are spending more time than ever on social media. Statistics show that we spend billions of hours watching video on Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites. Facebook stats show that around 500 million watched 100 million hours of video on their platform in 2016 – every single day!

With so much of people’s time going towards social video, it is irresponsible for marketers to ignore it as part of their digital marketing strategy. However, many companies are confused about the nature of the content they should push on social channels. Here are six ways to use social videos to help drive a digital marketing strategy in 2018 and beyond.

1. Target a Middle-Aged Audience on Facebook

Marketers have concluded that a video on Facebook has a shelf life of around two weeks. The reason why a video can remain relevant for so long is because of how often viral videos are shared.

Moreover, a lot of those people doing the sharing are middle-aged. Targeting them through content that can create an emotional connection will help companies promote products, services and boost brand image.


Boat Financial Whiteboard

Just wrapped a unique whiteboard video project for a specialty finance company. Have a peek!

Posted by Foundation Digital Media on Tuesday, April 3, 2018

2. Make a Push for Millennials on Instagram

Instagram offers two ways for people to share video content. Not only should a digital marketing strategy include posting regular videos to Instagram, but Stories should be utilized as well.

Stories on Instagram offer the opportunity to show videos that will be live for 24 hours. Companies can use these videos to slowly tease the launch of a product, offer an inside glimpse into the business, or live stream a major event.

Teenagers and millennials love Instagram, which is where companies should go if they want to target these users with social videos!

3. Upload Content to YouTube on a Schedule

Companies can most definitely leverage YouTube as part of their social video strategy. YouTube is perfect for longer form content, such as product tutorials, reviews, customer testimonials, product announcement videos and more.

Part of succeeding on YouTube means being regular with uploading. If a company goes many weeks without posting a video, people may start to unsubscribe from the channel. When users can expect a new video on the same day every week, they are more likely to keep watching!

4. Create Playlists on YouTube

An excellent way to curate content on YouTube is by creating playlists. For instance, a company could take all its product tutorial videos and put them in a single playlist. The same could be done for “a day in the life” or “behind the scenes” videos.

Creating these playlists will make it easier for your audience to find all the videos they would be interested in watching.

5. Leverage LinkedIn Video to Attract Leads

LinkedIn is still a very relevant social network in the business world. Individuals use LinkedIn to try and find work, while companies can recruit through the platform. 

Instead of posting boring status updates every few weeks, companies can shake things up with short videos instead. Videos such as product demos, event videos or webinars are great for LinkedIn.

6. Interact with Customers on Twitter

Around 45 percent of American adults use Twitter regularly. However, one aspect of Twitter that differentiates it from other social networks is the frequency of use. People who use Twitter regularly are always on the platform – and they watch a lot of videos.

Posts with videos are favorited, shared and get more replies than regular posts. Companies can use video on Twitter to reply when customers have questions about a product, while a daily “how to” video can also be beneficial. These videos can help humanize a company, creating a better bond between the customers and the business.

John Foundas is a multiple Emmy and Telly award-winning Director of Photography, Producer, and Editor in Washington DC. He is currently the Executive Producer and CEO of Foundation Digital Media. For Inquiries: [email protected]