Video campaigns have become an invaluable tool for businesses small and large. More than 80 percent of companies now use video as part of their marketing campaigns, a number that is well up from just one or two years ago.

But there is a difference between video campaigns and creating great videos. It is a distinction that many businesses are beginning to understand. Merely creating a video and posting it on social media is not enough.

The video campaigns must be engaging, informative, targeting the right audience and professional in its appearance. Here are some pointers on how to create a video marketing campaign that stands out.

1. Identify the Core Audience

It is not possible to create a high-performing video campaigns until you are sure about who you are targeting. Who are you hoping will watch your content? What is the core audience who will buy your products or services?

Use search ads, social media posts, and other data to identify your target demographic. Now research where your core audience spends the most time. Are they more likely to be trawling on Facebook during work? Or are they avid Instagram users? 

Knowing the core audience and where they go will help you hone in on a topic for your next video and figure out where to promote it.

2. Video Campaigns That Make Viewers Stop

There is so much content out there. To say we are over-saturated with content – both short and long form – is an understatement. Score through your Facebook feed for two minutes and you will probably come across ten different videos vying for your attention.


Great video campaigns involves videos that make viewers stop. It should start with a catchy title and thumbnail, which draws in their attention. The content should be short, between 15 to 30 seconds. And the video should grab the audience’s attention and leave an impression on them.

3. Test Different Versions

The beauty of using various social media platforms to reach an audience is that you can test different versions of your videos.

When creating video campaigns, it is common that you may land on two or three versions of the video. The core message in each video is the same, but it is delivered slightly differently. You could even create multiple thumbnails for the exact same video.

Now test out those different versions on various platform. See what performs the best. Did one version of the video do better than you expected? Was a particular thumbnail more effective than anticipated? Use that information for future content.

4. Double Down on What Works

Sometimes it takes a few tries to find the magic formula. The ideal video length, introduction, core message, thumbnail and social media platform. But when you do find that magical combination, double down on it.

Do not put all your eggs in one basket but do focus your energy and money on creating the type of content that brought you great results. It may not be a winning formula forever, but so long as it is resonating with your audience it is worth investing in!

John Foundas is a multiple Emmy and Telly award-winning Director of Photography, Producer, and Editor in Washington DC. He is currently the Executive Producer and CEO of Foundation Digital Media. For Inquiries: [email protected]