How to Leverage YouTube Ads to Promote Your Product

YouTube Ads and Online marketing is a major part of any company’s drive to promote products and services, increase brand awareness and improve its reputation. While banner ads, popups and other types of online advertisement offer decent gains, YouTube ads are a tremendous way to promote new products.

Why Are YouTube Ads Good for Product Promotion?

When promoting any product, companies want to reach a large target audience. They also want a way to decisively target the market that is most likely to have an interest in their products. And they want to grab someone’s attention, giving the potential customer an immediate insight into the product and what it can offer.

YouTube ads make all these things possible. Not only are YouTube ads short, but they are also viewed by more than 30 million people every day. Spend 20 minutes watching random videos on YouTube and you will notice many five, ten or fifteen-second ads that play before videos.

These ads are seen by everyone who is using YouTube, whether it is through a web browser, app or smart television. And they appear before many different kinds of videos, making it possible to target specific users based on their watching habits.

YouTube Ads and the Target Market

The great thing about using YouTube ads for the purpose of promoting a product is that a company is able to place those ads before specific types of videos. For instance, if your company is selling a laptop, having a 10 or 15-second ad play before tech videos would be a smart way to target people who are enthusiast about electronics and new gadgets.

But YouTube is also a great avenue for increasing exposure across all demographics. Many companies have products that may have a broader interest. These companies are able to get their ads in front of videos that may be discussing very different topics. But the ad would be interesting to the viewer, as the product is broad in its appeal.

It is part of the reason why YouTube ads are so useful to companies. They can be used for precise targeting of a specific demographic or used to promote a product, service or company to a broader audience.

Ideal Ad Length

YouTube ads are ideal for sharing information about products because they are digestible enough for a viewer to pay attention. If the ad is 30 or 45 seconds long, it is possible that someone will lose attention after a little while. 

And YouTube often allows people the option to skip a longer ad after 15 seconds. It is likely that most people would skip the rest of the ad as they are eager to start watching a video. 

If your company is planning to focus on YouTube ads, they must be short and sweet. Five to fifteen seconds is the ideal time frame. These ads are exciting, interesting and will have the viewer paying attention from start to finish.

It is also possible to have a link to the company site or product page within a YouTube ad. If someone clicks on the ad as it is playing, they are taken to your company website. Such redirects are very helpful in boosting site traffic and getting customers straight into the process of buying a product.

John Foundas is a multiple Emmy and Telly award-winning Director of Photography, Producer, and Editor in Washington DC. He is currently the Executive Producer and CEO of Foundation Digital Media. For Inquiries: [email protected]