4 Non Profit Video Samples You Need  

By nature Non-Profit organizations do not have a lot of funds to dedicate to marketing since much of their dollars are dedicated to services. Still, its a major mistake to discount how using non profit video can help an organization’s mission. The key is to not simply categorize video production as marketing fodder, and instead be forward thinking enough to realize that a great video is efficient development tool.

Changes in technology and how everyday people consume information have made non profit video the future of communication. To be honest, it’s actually not really the future because it’s already happening on social media and in journalism. If you look at your timeline chances are its full of video clips from friends, companies you follow, and the media outlets you read. With people’s attention spans always tightening, non profit video has become a reliable way to reach people and engage them with carefully thought out content your organization needs to share. Of course blog posts, press releases, and eNewsletters have their value, but none of those communication vehicles come to life the way video does.

With that said, here are Four videos every non-profit organization should have at their disposal:

1) “Omnibus” Video

An “Omnibus” Video is one that explains the history of your organization, its mission, its work, and typically features portions of interviews with those in leadership positions. It’s a video that is longer than others, but can encapsulate the story of your organization. For those that want to learn more, such as perspective donors, elected officials, the press, or new board members, these videos function as great information pieces.

2) Client Success Story Video

Client success videos are exactly what they sound like and their chief purpose is to show how your organization has helped a client in a way to instills confidence to donors. The best versions of these videos introduce viewers to a person that is struggling with an issue and reveals how your organization helped them with that particular problem so that people can see a clear example of how their monetary donation helps people. Statistics are great to call upon when detailing the work of your organization, but videos like this give life to the qualitative data you have when you promote the good work of your organization.

3) Public Service Announcement (PSA) Video

The PSA Video is important because as your organization grows, local television stations will warm up to airing your PSA on their networks. Many networks air PSA’s during the holidays and other points of the year, and if you are called upon to provide a PSA filler to air for 30 seconds to a minute, you want to be able to instantly meet that request. PSAs are also easily shareable online and serve as micro version of the Omnibus video mentioned earlier. They are narrow in focus but they still aim to convince viewers that your origination is serving a need and that their dollars can help allow your organization to do even more.

4) Impact Video

An Impact video is one that you can place on your website, post on social media channels, and display at meetings with the public to show how exactly your organization is impacted different people’s lives. In these videos instead of showing just one act of good, the service is blown up to show how it is making a difference. And the best ways of showing a difference is when you can reveal how the people you help no longer have to rely on you to get by.

There are many other videos ideas out there that are original and just as effective, but these four are a basic suite of non profit video that every organization should have produced at some point.

If your non-profit organization is interested in learning how video can help bolster your mission in the Washington, DC region and become a major development tool, contact us today and join hundreds of other organizations we’ve helped.