Creating Standout Product Videos

Gone are the days where shooting a rotating video of your product with a voiceover.

In order to stand out in this explosion of e-commerce companies, you’re going to have to invest in your product, and that means investing in media-rich content, like high-quality pictures and video.

Below we’re going to go over how you can get started creating amazing product videos.

How to Create Amazing Product Videos

It isn’t enough to shoot your product in a white background. You want to show your product being used in real life, by real people.

Here are a few tips.

1. Tell a Story

It’s about telling a story with your product.

You want the customer to imagine that they themselves will use it like the way you intended.

If you have outdoor camping gear, show people setting up your tent, using your shovel, making a fire with your fire starter, and having an amazing time with friends.

Ultimately people buy with their emotions.

Through a product video, you can show them that they can be, for example, a self-sufficient adventurer using your all-in-one hiking backpack, trekking through the Andes mountains. The below points will help you discover how best you can tell your story.

2. Plan

As much as you want to get started right away, the important thing is that there is no wasted effort and a high-quality video is produced.

Plan out every single shot, every word in the script, the location you want to shoot, everything.

You’ll want to create a storyboard that shows every big scene, transition, and key shot. Planning all of this out will save you time, money and headaches when shooting.

This is important whether you are alone or working with a team. If you are working with a team it’s even more important that everyone knows exactly what is going on and when things are happening.

3. Establish an Aesthetic

Once you have the above skeleton plan, you want to now get creative. What is the aesthetic of your video? Create a mood board with how you want to light your videos

For example, if you’re an outdoor apparel company you’ll want to probably shoot your products outdoors.

However, there are different aesthetics when it comes to outdoors. Are you more into the whimsical, mountain peaks with amazing sunlight, or the gritty outdoors?

4. Show People Using It

It’s important that you actually show people who use it “in the field” so to speak. You don’t necessarily have to hire actors, but if you’re the product owner, chances are you know how to use your product the best.

Create Product Videos that Stand Out

Hopefully, the above tips can help you plan out how to make unique and compelling product videos. Video can help you differentiate yourself from your competition in an extremely impactful way.

If you’re interested in learning more about video marketing, read our blog