One of the many exciting things about our DC Video Marketing Company is that we’re constantly evolving. Over the last few years, we have seen the influence video has in e marketing and now we will continue to witness video marketing change and become enhanced. In this post, we will discuss five video marketing trends that will take over 2017.

A DC Video Marketing Company must offer Live Streaming:

Our DC Video Marketing Company introduced live streaming to our catelog of services in 2016 and it is safe to say this is a video marketing tactic that won’t be dying off quickly. Which means plenty of businesses should pay attention to the influence live streaming has and strategize ways to implement it into their digital marketing plan.

Live streaming, introduced to us by Facebook, allows companies and brands to interact with their consumers in a new and highly effective way. 

The Rise of Facebook Videos:

In just one year, daily views of videos on Facebook have gone from one billion to eight billion. Needless to say, we won’t see these videos going away any time soon and they will continue to be a dominant force in 2017.

Not only will these videos continue to grow, more people will be encouraged to share, upload, and watch these videos. This not only creates more social sharing and target demographic reach, it pushes companies to rely on Facebook videos as method to create a stronger brand identity.

The Emergence of Infotainment:

Maybe you have never heard of it before, but it’s safe to say you can tell it is a combination of the words information and entertainment. In the future, you aren’t going to be able to have one without the other.

In order to create video content that is engaging and that elicits a response from your followers, those videos must present highly informative material in an entertaining format. You are running the risk of quickly being forgotten by your target audience if they click on your video and discover the content is not useful, intelligent, and entertaining enough to digest. 

Curious about the other ways video marketing will expand in 2017? Don’t hesitate to contact us today! Our team is eager to discuss the various benefits of a strong video marketing strategy as well as introduce you to additional means of digital marketing.